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Police, Criminal Justice, Guns Already Features Of 2016 Political Ads

January 01, 1970 | Political TV Ad Archive | News
Police, criminal justice and guns were focal points of 2016 political ads long before last week’s tragic events, which left two African American men dead after being shot by police, as well as five policemen killed by a sniper at a protest in Dallas. The recent deaths have raised all of these issues, as gun ownership has been woven into the issues surrounding policing — Philando Castile was a legal gun owner, and Castile’s girlfriend says he was reaching for his gun permit to show a policeman when he was shot. After the sniper, Micah Xavier Johnson, killed five policemen and injured seven, policemen on the scene had trouble sorting out who was doing the shooting at the Dallas demonstration, since several people there were carrying guns openly as the state law allows. During the primaries, Hillary Clinton’s campaign ran several ads focusing on these subjects.
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