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Dark Money Watch, a project of MapLight, is a hub for information about dark money in U.S. elections. Our goal is to support investigations of dark money in order to help the public understand how hidden donors can influence our political system.
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MapLight reveals money’s influence on politics. Founded in 2005, we are a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides timely, in-depth information about lawmakers, votes, interest groups, and more to expose the links between political money and legislative outcomes. Our groundbreaking transparency database makes influence connections that once required weeks of research to uncover available at the click of a mouse, giving citizens tools to hold government accountable.

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Dark Money Watch highlights work from several nonpartisan organizations shining light on political donations from hidden donors. Our partners include the Center for Responsive Politics, the Sunlight Foundation, and the Political TV Ad Archive.
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For press inquiries about this website and the role of dark money in elections, contact press@maplight.org.